5 Ways to Turn Your Tractor Cab Kit Installation Into an Utter Disaster

The bad news is IF you don’t follow this simple guide you can easily discover 5 simple ways to turn your new tractor cab kit installation into an utter disaster.

The good news is in about 3 minutes you will know what it takes to properly install a new tractor cab kit.


Imagine your tractor with a new cab kit.

The upholstery is all new. No rips, tears, or smudges.

The cab is clean, and it just feels perfect.

NOW, Imagine your cab kit with wrinkles in the upholstery, gaps in the material, and pieces coming unattached.

This is what we want you to avoid. So lets discover first what mistakes to avoid and a few tips you can use to avoid them.

5 Ways to Turn Your Tractor Cab Kit Installation Into an Utter Disaster

1. Don’t remove and clean the old cab interior enough prior to re-installation.
While you do not have to have the cab interior perfectly clean – down to the metal – you do need to have a smooth surface to attach that brand new headliner or lower kit so it will attach properly. Leaving a little bit of old adhesive is fine as long as there are no globs of glue or pieces of the leftover interior.

2. Don’t use enough adhesive.
You will want to make absolutely sure you put enough glue on your cab and the new piece of upholstery. It should stick and stay stuck the moment you touch it in place – if you can pull it off you do not have enough adhesive.

3. Don’t line up the pieces absolutely perfectly.
There is nothing worse than starting “perfect” on one side and finishing with a half inch gap on the far side of your cab. Practice can help make this process easier if you are using lower quality economy cab kit materials.

But if you are using our cab kits most come with wire cut backs that help you line up your part and easily see that it is in perfect position before wrapping it around and putting it in place. These wire cut backs are especially helpful when installing post kits and lower kits.

4. Accidentally touch the adhesive to something while moving it into the perfect position.
Enough said here. If it is supposed to stick and stay stuck then you had better not touch it to the wrong thing.

There are only two ways to avoid this. The first is don’t make a mistake and touch something you shouldn’t. The second is to use our cab kits that do not require any adhesive for installation.

At Tractor Interior Upholstery, our QWIK FIT Cab Kits are the line that require no adhesive and are easily re-positionable in case it is not quite right the first time. You will have plenty of time to reposition them into the perfect position.

Of course, this doesn’t happen too often because our QWIK FIT Cab Kits basically “snap” right into place every time.

5. Trimming too much excess material off leaving a horrendous gap OR leaving too much excess material resulting in an obvious bump and wrinkle in your upholstery.
To avoid getting to the last step and turning your cab kit into a disaster, make sure and order the right kit for your tractor model. Also, make sure and order from a company that build tractor interiors to actually fit your cab the way it is supposed to.

We cut our cab interiors to fit right the first time. No trimming needed.

While each of these causes MAY seem to be common sense, rest assured they have sabotaged the plans of many people to get the nice new tractor interior they desire.

But it does not have to be this way!

By following a few simple tips you can easily install your new cab kit and get the professional look you desire.

5 Quick Tips to Install Your Cab Kit Like A Professional

1. Dry Fit First – install the pieces without glue and make sure you have the right model and idea of what goes where.

2. Give yourself plenty of time – this project is very doable. Give yourself plenty of time to get it done right. Expect to spend a couple hours installing your cab kit unless you are using tractor interiors designed to install much quicker. (see those below)

3. Watch our installation videos – we have a continually growing list of tractor cab installation videos to give you tips and tricks on installing your tractor cab interior.

4. Get an installer if you still don’t feel comfortable – if you are handy you should have no problem installing one of our tractor cab kits. However, if you have to hire someone to change the oil in your car, you should probably use our QWIK FIT Tractor Interiors to make the job as simple and effortless as possible. The cleanup will take some time and be a bit of a project, but you shouldn’t have much of a problem on the actual install of the QWIK FIT parts.